Friday, August 28, 2009

Ginger, Nola and Doughtnuts???

Today you get two postings from me...I know, woo hoo! I am inspired to write because I had two special treats today. The first treat came in the form of Nola, a super-cute, sweet, furry, four-legged girl whom I have only seen in pictures thus far. Such a doll baby. Next time I know I will win her over. The second treat was provided by Nola's mom, Ginger, as she brought Britt and I cream filled doughnuts from the Brownie Bakery in Little Washington just because she knew we needed it this week. There were 12 in the box and I promise you, there are 11 left and it is 11:00 in the evening. I have no idea why I haven't devoured say, five, in the eight hours they have been in my possession. Must be because I have been concentrating on the postings for the blog and being a very good girl. (Note to the Brownie Bakery...Yummy!)I had the pleasure of meeting Ginger after my sister, Brittany, photographed her and her sisters' (also named Brittany) dogs for a rescue dog book, a wonderful work in progress. At the photo shoot, my Brittany learned that Ginger sews bags in cool fabrics. Bells started going off and since we were looking for someone who sewed bags, we asked Ginger to bring some of her goodies by the gallery.

Little did Brittany and I know that Ginger is this incredible ball of energy and a plethora of information. We talk her poor ears off every time she comes into the store. (What? Britt and I talk your ears off? I know, what a surprise!) She can provide info for just about anything you are looking for and knows just the right people to help get you to where you want to go. We realized it was a very small world in many ways and that we also share a love of Africa. She even knows where Danville, VA is....Not only is she an animal lover and a creator of the cutest bags as seen here and for sale in the gallery, she is the founder of the non-profit organization, Hope Aid International. After visiting Uganda, Ginger realized something needed to be done to assist and as a result, Hope Aid was founded. Proceeds from the sale of her bags go to support Hope Aid.

I could tell you about the organization but I know it would be worth your time to visit the Hope Aid site at to learn more. Her blog I See Hope will inspire you and make you laugh too

MyleStone Gallery is so pleased to have Ginger as one of our artists. She has become a fast friend and earned big points today by bringing Nola and the doughnuts. No really, we would still like her even if she didn't bring doughnuts. Really, we would. As long as she still brings Nola to see us.

Now, eight hours is plenty long to have gone without a doughnut. You have your two postings, I can have my two doughnuts.

Ben...dreams of being a model for a wine/beer label or is he just jealous??

Ben (also known in our family as Chocolate Dog or Brown Dog) is a shop dog today to see how it goes. I got the worst puppy dog eyes when I went home to let him out and I thought ok, come on. So he gingerly jumped in the car (it was hot) but once he realized he was going to the store, he was so happy.

He came in and checked everything out to make sure nothing or no one had come in that wasn't supposed to be and then he sat down nice and calm. He sat down in front of the Duck Rabbit beer and I grabbed the camera because I think Ben is hoping he will be the next model for a beer or wine company. He was curious why there was a duck/rabbit on the box instead of him but now understands how Paul, the owner of Duck Rabbit, came up with the name and he is ok with the logo. Ben did ask me why they couldn't have worked something out with him though as a Chocolate Lab would have also been a huge selling factor. He was appeased though when I showed him the Ellie's Brown Ale from Avery Brewing Co. which, rightfully so, has a Chocolate Lab on their label. However, he has taken offense with the labels on some of the wines we have here, Chateau Morrisette. First, a little about them...The Chateau Morrisette winery is on the Blue Ridge Parkway of VA and is absolutely gorgeous. I recommend anyone visit there at any time of the year as it is a very special and beautiful place. The wine is wonderful, the food is wonderful and the view cannot be beat. We carry their Our Dog Blue (white), The Black Dog (red) and the Angel Chardonnay. The people that own the winery are huge animal lovers and have labs and since they are their mascots, include them on their labels. I noticed Ben kept staring at the bottle and snarling and then it dawned on me, he's jealous! He wants his own label.

So here is Ben in various poses and also with his Va Tech collar trying to show people that he has talent. He could be a model for a label. He wants those dogs on that mountain in VA to know, he's just as handsome (spoiled too) and has what it takes to be a star DOG. He is also very modest. He personally thinks they need a Chocolate Lab on a label. He's dreaming about it now...they can call it, Chocolate Dog Dessert Wine. What a hit it would be!
Silly Ben! Come on down and check out our wines and beer. Maybe Ben can help you pick something out, when he isn't preening and posing, that is.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Things Happen for a Reason

Ever had one of those days where you just knew someone was watching over you and bringing together things and people in your life at the same place at the same time. I did. Today.

I had an old friend (let's call him "A") from my much, much younger days in VA and a 'newer' old friend ("B" shall we say) and a new acquaintance ("C") all at MyleStone at the same time. The old friend and his family from VA surprised me on their way home from Aurora. Yes, Aurora. I had no idea people from Southern VA even knew about Aurora, but they did. They were kind of enough to stop and see me and the store and I was thrilled! They picked up a six-pack of Duck Rabbit beer so they will surely get a good taste of Eastern NC, specifically, Farmville!

My 'newer' old friend, "B", was also a dear, dear friend to my Dad. She became a life-line for my famiy in 2003 and her friendship has become one of my most treasured. She had her dog, Sadie, with her who also has a special story.

Then a new acquaintance, "C", came in the door and there was a connection as well between "B", "C" and my dad, sister and I, plus a few wild horses. Confused yet? Well, simply, it's a darn small world and although I shed some tears today, I was warm with the thought of why we were all in the same place, MyleStone.

If you have followed my blog, you know why I named the store MyleStone and what it means to me. I was nostalgic today and re-lived some very good memories and I also remembered that we are where we are in life for a reason. I believe people are brought into our lives for a reason and we end up in places for a reason. I'm here now to share MyleStone with you.

I had a good day today. Come see us.