Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brittany - my favorite sister

Speaking of Brittany...check out her blogs. She is a professional photographer and crazy about her animals. (That runs in the family)

Tearing things up!!

Well, we have a space and it is perfect, sort-of....except for the layers of vinyl and some type of tile from the 1940's I believe. Oh and did I mention the many layers of wall covering, like paneling and plaster?? We got a little crazy one Sunday and started ripping up the floor and tearing down the paneling to reveal a nice brick/concrete floor and brick walls, which are still beneath plaster. As always, things are never as easy as you first think so getting all the glue and paper off the floor has proven a neat little challenge in itself. Its all good and everything will be perfect.

Here is Brittany working out some aggression on the floor. I was there to help as well, but then I took off for Brazil the next day and left the dirty work to the others!!

Until next time...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday

This is my first post for my new store, MyleStone Gallery. The store will feature the work of local and regional painters, potters, photographers, glass and jewelry makers and other artists. There will be a special section dedicated to the furry friends in our lives as well!!

The store name is symbolic to me and my sister (my partner in this dream) as it is the middle name of our Dad, who passed away in 2003. (It is also the middle name of my sister, who, of course, thinks this is in honor of her!) The name also represents a "mile"stone in my life as the opening of a store such as this has been a long time personal dream. (thanks Mom!)

The store is not scheduled to open for a few more months as I am trying to ready the space. I want it to be perfect for each person who visits! Keep watching for posts showing the progress!!

So, on this day, September 7, I'd like to say Happy Birthday, Dad. You are dearly missed.