Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anything With Wine Cannot Be Bad

So, recently I was asked if I play scrabble. I had to think a minute because the answer isn’t that easy…I have PLAYED scrabble in the past, but I don’t PLAY it at all these days. Plus, I can’t say that I am actually good at it. Everyone knows that I drink wine, so they thought a fun night would be to play scrabble and drink wine and asked if I was game.

I didn’t even have to think about my response this time. Why wouldn’t that be a great time because anything, when paired with wine, cannot be bad, right? Wine is just a good thing when drank responsibly. A glass of wine helps take the edge off. It helps us unwind from a bad day. It compliments a great dinner. It can also make a not so great dinner better. And let’s be honest, it can make some people more tolerable. (just sayin’….)

Wine is also a good conversation starter. If you are at a party, holding a glass of wine, someone is bound to strike up a conversation about the wine you are drinking which will lead to what wines you like which could lead to many other topics. This is especially great if you are single! I believe wine, in moderation, is something to be shared and enjoyed with good friends and good food. When shared in this manner, good times are sure to follow.

We have plenty of wines at MyleStone to make all your events, whether it is just Tuesday night dinner or the holiday cocktail party, all the more wonderful. Come see us and let us help you pick a great wine for all your occasions. And, you never know, it just might make that ordinary, I-really-don't-want-to-be-here event, even better. Or at least tolerable.