Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This One's for the Girls...Who dream with everything they have....

This Friday, October 30 from 5:30-7:30 we will be hosting our October wine tasting event and we are sure proud of this one! We will be featuring five wines, one of which is a special breast cancer awareness Shiraz...yum. We will have chocolates made specially for breast cancer awareness month, new jewelry created just for our event by Sandra Wills and other new items that have just arrived. Britt and I want to give back to our community and we are very aware that wine and chocolates and pretty things bring people together. Therefore, we thought it would be wonderful to help support a local organization which provides breast cancer screenings and mammograms for underprivileged women in Pitt Co. The cost for a mammogram is around $400 and many women without insurance and other means will go without one. This didn't seem fair to us, so we hope to help.

Proceeds from the event will go to this wonderful cause. Early detection is key and every woman should have the opportunity to get screened for breast cancer.

We have a new t-shirt that will be debuted that night and we are very proud of our design. (I think I might have a new career in t-shirt design) Picture this: Beautiful green fabric, wine glasses since we are a wine store too, a pink ribbon to indicate it is a breast cancer awareness shirt and a catchy saying, This One's for the Girls.

Call them what you will...boobs, breasts, tata's, 2nd base, the girls or whatever, they all deserve a lookin' after as they say 'round these parts. So, it's pretty darn simple. Come see us this Friday, sample some wine, check out our sparkly stuff, get your shirt, show your support.

This One's for the Girls, Who've wished upon a shooting star; You're beautiful the way you are; This One's for the Girls. If you love Martina McBride, you know what I am talking about. Gosh, I am such a country music geek.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cows, horses, sausage rolls, rides and deep fried EVERYTHING

Yes, for those of you who are living here in is State Fair time!!! I just love it. Today I went to the fair with my sister and brother-in-law and it has been way, way too long since I was last there. I believe the last time was in 2001. I know, a shame.

The NC State Fair holds many memories for me. My family and I went every year and the first stop was to see the cows. Yep, the cows. My Dad was a vet and we always stopped to see his clients that were there showing their livestock. The next stop would be to get cider, get food and then on to play some games and then off to see the horses.

The NC State Fair was an agriculture fair and to me, it always will be...well, that and a place to get fair food. Yeah, you know what I mean. Polish sausage, country cooking, cotton candy. Nowadays, they have added the turkey leg, fire roasted corn and anything you can think of that can be fried. I saw a vendor today with fried pecan pie. I mean, it was a smart person to combine two very Southern "foods"...pecan pie and grease. I just couldn't order one though. I was holding out for the NC State Dairy ice cream. Instead, I just stood there and watched everyone order the fried sweets and then I stared at their food to see what it looked like. No doubt they were thinking "Just order one already". I heard there was fried butter but I never saw it and probably best I didn't. I would have loved to have tried a bit. My arteries are closing just thinking about it.

I must admit that the fair has changed for me. It is still a magical place because of the sights and the smells but there are just too many rides and too many vendors. I wish the focus was more on agriculture. I miss that from my childhood. Being on a farm is blissful. While at the fair we were searching for vendors to provide us with NC grown products such as jellies, jams, peanuts and other sauces. Adding these products to the gallery will help solidify our desire to bring you quality handmade items from right here in our back yard. Products such as these will compliment the coffee, soy candles and wines we already stock. We can't all live on a farm, but I can bring a bit of that goodness right to you so we are working on that for you quickly.

I can promise you they will be good. And I can promise no deep fried batter of any sort. What you do with it is your choice.

Come see us.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New stuff to help bring in the Fall

We have wonderful new soy candles for Fall and I just love them! The colors are so pretty and we have several new scents sure to make you smile and think of home. The minute you walk in the store the warm fragrances envelope you and you immediately know that Fall is here. We also have other seasonal items and new baby blankets. Did I mention the wine...yep, we still have that too. Like Sangria?? Come on in then, we've got a delicious one!

Check out the new pics....taken of course, by Brittany Wright Photography.

We can't wait to see you!!

Finally Fall!

It is that wonderful time of year when the mornings are fresh, the days cooler and when you need a light sweater for the nights. Just perfect. I love the changing of the season and Fall is my favorite time of year. It is a time of starting over for me. To me, my year starts in the Fall because that is when the new school year started. I love the smells of Fall and the freshness in the air.

At MyleStone, we are busy bringing in new items for the season and for the upcoming holidays. We are very excited about the goings-on at the store. I am posting a pic of the latest event we had at the store on September 12. Mary Mac Gems had a special showing for us and we tasted several Spanish wines with an assortment of chocolate. It was a wonderful day!

What made it even more special for me was the surprise visit by some very dear people in my life. First, my best friend and 2nd Mama surprised me all the way from Virginia and I could have cried! It was wonderful. Then, a very short while later, my Aunt Diane and Uncle Joel paid a surprise visit as well!! I was so excited. Diane is my mom's older sister and I wish my mom had been here that day to see her too. I felt so blessed to have people come all that way to see me, Britt and the gallery.

Here are some pics from that day for ya....