Sunday, March 29, 2009

You know that saying "As exciting as watching paint dry"???

I can tell you...watching paint dry Friday night and this weekend actually has been exciting. For me at least. I know you are thinking, this poor girl, she has no life. But in reality, I sort-of, kind-of do. See, my ceiling in the gallery was painted on Friday and I was thrilled as it is just one step closer to completion and the store opening. I chose a color dear to my heart, Labrador, in honor of Ben and he was most appreciative.

Actually, I had wanted a softer, less severe color than black on the ceilings to bring out the warm colors in the brick walls and Labrador seemed to do the trick. (The pics don't really do it any justice.) I checked on the color three times Friday night, once Saturday and will be checking on it again today. It really is exciting to see the paint dry and how the color looks with the light and the walls.
Ok, now that I look back at what I just wrote, I am now thinking that maybe I don't have a life. Shame.

So, off to paint samples on the back wall now.

Canine Crawl

Hi all - Yesterday my sister and I were going to participate in the Canine Crawl which was to benefit the Eastern NC Humane Society in Greenville NC. However, fear of threatening thunderstorms caused the Canine Crawl to be postponed until May 2. Although we were disappointed, we will still be there on May 2. My sister will have gift certificates for a pet session and the fee will go straight to the humane society. I will be giving away the cutest chocolate chip pet collar and for all the Pirate fans that are sure to participate that day, I will give away an ECU plush puppy, collar and pet toy. All these great items are made by GoneDoggie. You will have to come visit the gallery to purchase more of her wonderful dog collars, bandanas and toys!

If you are in the Greenville area, please come out and support this wonderful cause. It will be a great day and you will be sure to get lots of wonderful doggie kisses...the best kind of kisses in the world!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One more thing....

Hi all, I had to wrestle the keyboard away from mom because she seems to think I am incapable of writing anything that any other human could understand. I have no idea why she says these things as she understands everything I say to her.

Whilst she is toiling away at the place she calls 'work' I am at home studying and learning how to run a proper wine store and art gallery. What she doesn't know is that I have been sampling her stash....please don't rat me out.

Well, quite frankly, we are trying to sort out what wines we want to sell. I will get to have my pick each week...won't that be a trip...Chocolate Dog wine selection of the week. Who in the heck is gonna believe I actually know what a good wine is? Mom thinks it will be unique...whatever. She will also be selling some micro-brew beer, even one called Duck Rabbit. I sure hope that little mascot comes into the store one day...I mean a Duck Rabbit...come on. I will get him though.

So, its that time again and I must get my rest. Stay tuned for more news on the wines and beer at MyleStone Gallery.

Chocolate Dog Ben

Being the Photographer's Assistant

Well, today I was the assistant (I prefer to say it with the accent on the 2nd syllable as if I were French...makes it seem very important) to my sister, Brittany, aka, super-wonderful-pet-photographer. We had a great morning at a park in Raleigh photographing delightful brother and sister lab/golden/??? mixes. They were gorgeous and we had so much fun. Brittany will be one of the artists we will have on display in the store. You will also see her smiling, cherubic face in the gallery on a daily basis so please stop by and tell her hello.

Here she is in action. It really is fun to watch her and to listen to the noises she makes while trying to get the dogs ears up or to turn their head. I had to laugh because I was making all these loud, obnoxious noises too and it made my cheeks hurt!!

I am still trying to come up with a cool name/title for when I help her. For example, when we go to photo shoots and I say "Hi, I am Britt's sister, I will be helping her today" that just sounds sort of blah right??? I will eventually title myself something regal and appropriate. Ohhh, I know....'Cool, tall chick holding the camera bag with lenses/batteries/bobbie pins/dog treats and stick pins for awesome photographer Britt'. Yep, that's what I will call myseld. That about sums it up nicely.

HVAC Excitement

I know its crazy to be so excited about HVAC ductwork isn't it...but I am! I can honestly say that I love it. I love the way my HVAC guy designed it and installed it. I love the look it gives the place. I knew I would like it and had planned to paint it the same color as the ceiling but once it went up I just don't think I can. The new unit is installed outside and I feel like a little kid with a new toy!

Check the pics. I will have more to come showing the completed ductwork.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Comments from Ben, aka, Chocolate Dog

Well, my mom has finally agreed to let me have some face time on her blog. I am not sure what took her so long to let me write a little bit to you guys. I kept telling her it would be a huge hit but she wouldn't listen....hard-headed woman.
Anyway, I am happy to tell you that she has also met someone who will be making dog collars, bandanas, toys and totes for the store. The lady is from Gone Doggie and we are very excited to be offering collars and cool bandanas for the far superior beings on the planet.
As you can see from my pic, I truly have a dog's life...lounging around on my, er, I mean, mom's bed, not really paying attention to anything other than when I hear t-r-e-a-t and when my Aunt Britt and Grandma come to visit. I'm ok with Aunt Britt as long as she doesn't bring her muttley crew over, especially Scarlet. Please visit them at The Animal House blog link on the right side of the page. (See how smart I am...I know my right from my left...) They are a nice family and you will like them too. My Aunt Britt is a fabulous photographer and no doubt her favorite subject to photograph is animals. (She hates to admit it to her clan, but her all time favorite to snap photos of is actually moi!)
Anyway, I am bored now and have other things I need to catch up on, for instance...sleep, as you can see from my pic. I will be chatting with you again soon especially since I now have command over the computer.

In Like a Lion....

So, its now March and sure enough she came blowing in like a Lion! Whew!! I flew in from Brazil on Sat and what a welcome I had! My birthday was Sunday and all I could do was sit and enjoy the RAIN!! That's ok, though. I was just glad to be home safe and sound.

There is also a lot going on in the store....the electrical work is almost done. Only thing left to do is hook up the lights once the HVAC is done! It's all very exciting.

My platform is built and it looks fantastic. Pics are still to come on this. It brings a whole new dimension to the space and adds a ton of warmth.

And in honor of March and St. Patrick's Day, I decided a little green on the blog would be nice.

Keep checking us out!!