Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The calm before the storm...Cat 3 Irene is on her way

Since Irene is heading our way here in Eastern NC, everyone is dashing around, running errands and getting prepared for what might be an interesting storm. Right now she is expected to be a Category 3 storm and although not sure where she will actually make landfall at this point, everyone is getting ready.

I will admit, I went to the store tonight...a lot earlier than I normally would have, but quite honestly, I was out of food. And so were my dogs. I also put some gas in the truck and generally took care of things tonight instead of waiting until Friday. Prices were high and will just get higher at the pump and grocery store as the week goes on. I was thinking about why we do these things and I have concluded that it's just part of the ritual. It's how we calm ourselves before the storm.

It always strikes me as funny that people also make sure they have plenty of alcohol in the house when a storm is about to hit. It's as if snow and hurricanes bring out the party animal in people to a degree. Hurricane parties start popping up at the bars and people's houses. I guess it's a testament to the human spirit to make the most of everything.

MyleStone wants to be considered one of your preparation-for-the-storm-errands. We have wines on our shelves that are meant to be at your house this week and weekend. We will be offering all wines at a 15% discount! I know it may seem like an extra stop for you while you are busy getting everything ready, but not really...tell us what you like, we will help you pick it out and you can be on your way. It's easy.

Now, I just have to make sure my own wine shelf is stocked! And batteries...I must make a note to not forget batteries...and candles...and do I have enough chocolate...no, probably not. That goes to the top of the list right behind the wine.