Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anything With Wine Cannot Be Bad

So, recently I was asked if I play scrabble. I had to think a minute because the answer isn’t that easy…I have PLAYED scrabble in the past, but I don’t PLAY it at all these days. Plus, I can’t say that I am actually good at it. Everyone knows that I drink wine, so they thought a fun night would be to play scrabble and drink wine and asked if I was game.

I didn’t even have to think about my response this time. Why wouldn’t that be a great time because anything, when paired with wine, cannot be bad, right? Wine is just a good thing when drank responsibly. A glass of wine helps take the edge off. It helps us unwind from a bad day. It compliments a great dinner. It can also make a not so great dinner better. And let’s be honest, it can make some people more tolerable. (just sayin’….)

Wine is also a good conversation starter. If you are at a party, holding a glass of wine, someone is bound to strike up a conversation about the wine you are drinking which will lead to what wines you like which could lead to many other topics. This is especially great if you are single! I believe wine, in moderation, is something to be shared and enjoyed with good friends and good food. When shared in this manner, good times are sure to follow.

We have plenty of wines at MyleStone to make all your events, whether it is just Tuesday night dinner or the holiday cocktail party, all the more wonderful. Come see us and let us help you pick a great wine for all your occasions. And, you never know, it just might make that ordinary, I-really-don't-want-to-be-here event, even better. Or at least tolerable.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Find it First in Farmville

Farmville NC has plenty to offer its residents and visitors such as furniture, jewelry, framing and hardware stores. We have restaurants that will please your palate for sure! Did I mention another great store in town....MyleStone Gallery and Wines! Every retail store in the business district is locally owned. No chains, no franchises.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, September 2, the Chamber of Commerce will host their first Music on Main event in downtown Farmville. The streets will be closed from 6-9pm and stores will be open late to welcome those who live here and those who just want to see what Farmville is all about. The Backyard Groove Band will be performing and concessions will be available. Purple the clown will also be on hand to entertain the kids!

Small towns have so much to offer, we just have to work a little bit harder to show you what we've got! Simply put, you can find what you need it Farmville. So come visit us tomorrow night for the Music on Main event (MyleStone will be having a wine tasting) and Find it First in Farmville.

All the best to you.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's almost that time....

Summer is almost over. It's sad. I know, I know, we still have several more weeks of summer according to the calendar. However, ask any school-age child and they will tell you that summer is over in about one week. I remember growing up in Virginia in the 70's and 80's when we went back to school after Labor Day. How wonderful was that?

Well in honor of all the educators and school personnel that are heading back to the classroom this week in preparation of the school year, MyleStone Gallery and Wines is having an Education Appreciation Week. From Tuesday, August 17 through Saturday, August 21, we are offering a 15% discount off one item in the store, even if that item is already on sale. You can come in every day to use the 15% coupon if you like. With a purchase, we will also offer a 25% discount coupon to be used during the holiday shopping months of October-December.

I can remember some of my teachers with such clarity that it's not even funny for this 40 year old mind. I could write pages and pages of all those that touched my life but here are just a few that made a difference....Mr. and Mrs. Yeatts who taught English and Home Economics, respectively, at Gretna Jr. High School will always have a special place in my heart. They believed in each of us and it showed. My high school English teacher, who was also the mom of a dear friend, was quiet and calm and had a way of making us all simmer down and pay attention. I developed a strong love of English as a result of her teaching.

The college years were full of professors who no doubt shook their head many times at my test scores or term papers. I had a tendency to procrastinate just a bit!! I have a minor in English, I know *surprise*, thanks to several professors who opened my eyes to English Lit and poetry. I attended Averett University which is a liberal arts school and the courses we had to take to graduate really opened my eyes. Sociology, Religion, Psychology, Speech, Ethics were just a few of the courses that made you step back and really think about the things around you. Truthfully though, it was the professors. Without their love of the subject and desire to help us all understand, the classes wouldn't have been half as meaningful.

I even had an Accounting professor who changed my way of thinking....even if she wasn't as patient with me as she was with all her other students. Thanks Mom.

The passion a teacher has to pass on their knowledge is to be commended. I have often thought I wanted to teach, but have been afraid I couldn't handle the classroom as good as my own teacher's did. I am sure it is frustrating and disheartening at times, but the work teachers do is too important not to recognize. Look at all the CEO's making millions...they can thank a teacher for that. I think the teacher's salaries should be in proportion to all those they helped to succeed.

We want to say thank you to the teachers and school personnel for all you do for our youth. No doubt my own teachers are looking at me and thinking "REALLY" and some are in awe that I even turned out not so bad!! Well, I DID listen to what they told me....sometimes. Even though most of them wanted to bop me on the head a time or two.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Keeping the Business in Small Businesses

It's summertime and I am sure you have either been on vacation or are planning a vacation soon. Whenever I am traveling I wander down roads with no idea where I am heading, I eat where the locals eat and I step into all the little shops in town or along the way. I like to support small, local businesses because they are the heart of a town.

I encourage you to head down the unknown path and pay a visit to those local, small town businesses. You never know who you will meet, the conversations you will have and the treasures you will find.

Shop local wherever your travels take you. It makes a difference to the owners and the town and you will be very glad you did.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

What a hot summer it has been so far. I don't remember a summer that has been this hot, this early. This is a quick post to wish everyone a safe summer and don't forget to stop by and see us for your wine and beer needs. Also, for those summer weddings and engagement parties, remember our wonderful selection of pottery, paintings and NC gourmet goodies.

Heading to the coast each weekend? Make MyleStone your last stop out of town and pick up your wine and beer. If you have a favorite wine you buy at the grocery store, let us know...we can get the same items for you. Same for your favorite craft brewed beer. If you are enjoying it at your favorite restaurant in this area, then we can get it for you!

Hope your travels this summer take you to some wonderful places. Don't forget to shop local wherever the roads take you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wine Tasting at MyleStone

We are having our May wine tasting this Thursday, May 20 from 5:30-7:30. Please come join us for some wonderful wines.

We are very excited about our wines for Thursday's wine tasting. The wines that have been selected are perfect for any summer gathering or for that beautiful evening on the back porch as the sun is setting over Eastern North Carolina!

We will start off with Redtree Moscato, something slightly sweet and refreshing, then move on to Salvard Unique Sauvignon Blanc. Sauvignon Blancs are perfectly light and crisp for the summer heat. We will also offer Ass Kisser Chardonnay, of course, we love the label! Our two reds are the fruity Budini Malbec and the yummy Chocolate Box Cherry Chocolate which is a blend of Grenache, Shiraz, and Mataro.

Please come see us and stay tuned for more updates on our new artists!! So excited about this summer!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yadkin Valley Wine Festival

So excited about this weekend!!! I will be heading West to Elkin to visit with a dear friend and to spend the day drinking wonderful NC wine! I will also be checking out some new vendors while there and hope you like what I bring back!!

If you are located in the western part of NC or if you are just looking for a weekend get-away, then head to the mountains for some delicious wine and a great time.

See you soon at MyleStone.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back from Malawi and Ready for Spring!!

Hello all and sorry again for the delay in posting. I was on a recent business trip to Malawi and just returned last week. I so love that part of the world and encourage anyone, if you ever get the chance, to make a plan to visit. You will learn tons about the culture and you will actually learn a lot about yourself. You will quickly see how to appreciate what you have.

Whenever I travel, I always, always shop local and try to support the community. I bring back items that are made in that country and when possible, in the actual community. This is what MyleStone is all about as well...providing you with items made by local and regional artists. We are always looking for unique, thoughtful gifts. There is nothing better than the receiver of the gift knowing you picked something special for them that is one-of-a-kind.

Please come see us for those gifts for Mother's Day and graduations that are right around the corner. Need something special for your children's teacher? We've got that too.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I love St. Patrick's is a wonderful, happy day! And, let's be honest...a darn good excuse to drink. Whether you are drinking beer or wine come see us at MyleStone. We have plenty for you to choose from.

While you are at MyleStone, check out our new items...wood boxes, jewelry, paintings and a new gourmet item, BBQ sauce. We are looking hard to find unique NC only products to offer you such as honey, hot sauces, peanuts and possibly even cheese.

We will keep you posted on our new items but stop in when you are here in the big city of Farmville. We have great wines, great beer and great art from local and regional artists. We can't wait to see you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Spring Really On Its Way???

Hello all and happy almost Spring! As usual, March blew in like a lion...we'll have to wait and see if she leaves like a lamb. I like this saying quite a lot actually because I am a March 1 baby. I like to think things were a bit crazy and wild the day I came into the world!

This was a big birthday for me...I turned 40. I so remember when I was younger and thought people that were 40 were so mature and just seemed, well, older. I don't feel that mature and I don't feel old. I AM thinking this is going to be a wonderful year and I can't wait.

Things are bustling at the store and we just had our March wine tasting this past Friday. What a fabulous turnout! Thanks to everyone who attended! I sure hope you had fun. We have some wonderful new wines in so please come check them out.

We also are getting new art in as well as some gourmet items. We are doing our best to bring fresh new items to MyleStone and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Come see us!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope each of you are spending this weekend doing what makes you happy! Now, that could either be with someone or not...but whatever it is I hope you are happy. I spent my pre-Valentine's Day with my mom, sister and brother-in-law at the Celtic Woman concert at the Durham Performing Arts Center. All I can say is WOW. They may not be your thing but I can tell you that if you love a beautiful voice and wonderful music and beautiful women, you would be so enchanted by their show. You can catch their shows on public TV but in real-life they are simply beautiful. The facility is amazing and I encourage you to visit for a show sometime.

While there today I met some wonderful folks (well, not all who sat near us were wonderful as one person turned around right when the show started and asked us if we could possibly stop talking but I tried not to let her steal my joy being there!) But I digress, sorry. I met two couples who were there sharing special moments in their life, one a 25th wedding anniversary and another a husband's 40th birthday. One lady works on her family dairy farm and they make cheeses so I thought...would my customers like cheese added to the store? We already have some gourmet items and do plan to add more this Spring and Summer. I think it would be a good addition so I will look into what it would entail.

What a wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day...with the people I love.

All the best to you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Super Bowl!!!

Really...all this hype to watch a bunch of men play football?? I admit I am watching it, but I like it for the commercials. Love the ones with all the animals this year!!! The dog with the anti-bark collar, the Clydesdale and the steer for Budweiser, the chickens. Too cute. Plus, you have to love the E-Trade commercial with the babies!

But back to MyleStone...We took January to sort of gather our thoughts and plan for the Spring and new year. We didn't have a wine tasting in January but our first for 2010 was a HUGE success. This past Friday, Feb 5th, we had our Sweetheart Wine Tasting and not even the rain kept folks from attending. As usual, we had folks from Farmville and Greenville and the feeling was one of fun and happiness. People were happy to be out of the house and when they left us, they went straight to Plank Road Steakhouse and had a delicious meal and more good wine!!

We had a fabulous time and are already planning for the next one which will be held on March 5th and it will be a celebration of my 40th birthday. Ahhh...that does not mean you are entitled to tell old people jokes or make a point to say that you are younger than I am.

So, know that I am blaming my delay on blogging (I know I have been slack, sorry) on the fact that we have been planning away for the new year. I will not blame it on my pending birthday and the itty-bitty bouts of pouting about getting older I have been doing. That surely isn't the reason....

As always, we are looking forward to seeing you soon. Take care.