Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giving Thanks 2011

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for simple's all about family and friends and remembering everything in my life that I am thankful for.  There is a lot.  My hope is that each and every one of you have a blessed day with your loved ones as well.

As we all know, Thanksgiving is about the food and the drink.  For some, it's a drink before the in-laws arrive and for others (like my family) it is a drink while cooking, talking and eating.  No matter when you drink your wine, here are some tips for the wines to choose for your dinner.  I will preface my suggestions with this....the best wines to drink with Thanksgiving are whatever you want to drink.  Yep.  There really isn't a right or wrong wine as long as it is one you enjoy.  However, I will also say that there are certain wines that bring out the best of the flavors on the table. 

Pinot Noir is considered to be the best wine to serve.  The smoky, earthy, fruity flavors make this an ideal wine to serve with all dishes.  It is lighter bodied yet silky smooth with hints of spice.  Come try our Block Nine, Redtree or Mark West Pinot Noir.

Zinfandel, heartier than a Pinot Noir, yet not as heavy as a Cabernet is a wonderful choice for your meal. Typically very fruit forward and also peppery, Zinfandel will pair nicely with your stuffing and your cranberry sauce.  Try our Gnarly Head or Layer Cake Primitivo Zinfandel.

Gewurztraminer is a delightful white wine that will certainly be on my table this year.  Slightly spicy, floral and either dry or sweet.  This wine is easy to drink and will be great paired with ham, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and, my favorite, sweet potato casserole.  MyleStone has these delicious Gewurztraminer wines in stock, Columbia Crest Twin Vines and Pacific Rim.

Riesling is a must for your table.  Either a dry or a slightly sweet Riesling will be perfect with your meal.  You simply cannot go wrong with a Riesling.  We have several Riesling's for you to choose from....just come take your pick!!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is peaceful, safe and full of many blessings.  I know mine will be because I will be surrounded by family.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Here's to eating and drinking well.

See you soon.

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